the African Musical Meetings

October  19,20&21

REMA 2023

On The Road, Rema 2023:

Each year, REMA gathers music industry stakeholders in Africa for three days of reflection and exchange, creating an ongoing platform for sharing experiences. These gatherings will focus on:

  • Professional Panels
  • Keynotes
  • Confrences
  • Workshops
  • Showcases
  • Speed Meetings, etc.

REMA 2023 aims to facilitate an inclusive and dynamic dialogue at the intersection of artistic diversity and discoverability in music creation. By exploring the potential of algorithms, the significance of discoverability, and the transformative impact on artists and the industry, REMA 2023 will foster a better understanding of navigating successfully in an evolving music landscape. REMA 2023 invites all music professionals to join us in this exploration and contribute to shaping a more diverse, discoverable, and dynamic future for music creation.








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REMA Theme for 2023

In light of these transformative dynamics, the sixth edition of the REMA conference will focus on the theme of "Artistic Diversity and Discoverability at the Heart of Music Creation." This conference aims to explore the profound impact of these concepts on the music industry, bringing together music professionals, enthusiasts, and stakeholders for engaging discussions, valuable insights, and networking opportunities. Through a series of presentations, panel discussions, and workshops, REMA 2023 will delve into the challenges, opportunities, and best practices associated with achieving artistic diversity while harnessing the power of discoverability in today's music landscape.

REMA 2023 Delegates

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