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With the advent of the recording industry in the early 20th century, new jobs and careers in the music business developed. During this century, music became a mass consumption item. Today, notably due to the digital revolution, new upheavals are occurring in the sector, impacting the players, the professions and the tools. Beyond the music itself, it is a whole sector and its environment that is being modified. Economically, these changes are based on a crisis in the phonographic industry where CD sales are decreasing every year and where the medium is changing its function. Digital technology and the widespread access to the Internet have brought about changes in the strategy of the players but also in the consumption habits and has therefore become the dominant economic field. As a result, dimensions such as marketing, communication, and even production have had to accompany these upheavals by sometimes radically changing their practices, or even by adding new professional skills. From the point of view of the players, even if some of them are still very much present, they have been joined by a whole new entrepreneurial and creative milieu (platforms, SEOs, startups, but also webmasters, web designers, community managers, etc.). Finally, new content has accompanied this upheaval alongside traditional content (podcasts, webmarketing, influencers...). These changes, which are already considerable, are likely to be even more pronounced in the years to come, since the sector has become a place of rapid innovation and is at the heart of an important evolution in behavior. This is why it is important that the music industry seize the theme of REMA 2022, which will be on African music, a new ecosystem: Actors, professions, tools

Thus, the theme of REMA 2022 will be :
African music, a new ecosystem: Actors, jobs, tools


Atypical showcases

#REMA 2022


REMA 2022

Several sites will host the meetings again this year.

Several sites will host the meetings again this year. During these 3 days, we will live intense moments through various activities that will punctuate the meetings for the pleasure of actors and fans of music on several sites such as: the French Institute, Canal Olympia Ouaga 2000, the headquarters of the Court of Naaba with its tent, the Hotel des Conférences, the Goethe Institute. The REMA will also be the occasion, this year, to organize a meeting (Panel 2) on the creation of a kit for the attention of artistic teams, around what the music really brings through the platforms. This meeting will be based on the implementation of a "test" operation designed to provide measurement tools and validate operating procedures with the collaboration of CISAC. With the panels that will deal with the two elements of the theme (Actors and tools), the workshop will be an opportunity to address the "Business" dimension. We will also organize a community manager training. This year, as a continuation of REMA 2021, we will organize a conference on the progress of private copy remuneration in the UEMOA zone, notably with the support of CISAC. Each morning a digital platform will allow us to receive the REMA guest live. We will also organize speed meetings allowing professionals to meet. On the occasion of the opening ceremony, we will again this year give three awards to African operators, festivals and events of the year. Finally, this year, the REMA will be awarded a "green" label by deploying several actions to protect the environment (C02 compensation for air travel and tree planting, recyclable cups, ....).