REMA 2023

# REMA 2023

REMA 2023

"Artistic Diversity and Discoverability at the Heart of Music Creation"

The music landscape has witnessed a transformative shift, with dominant platforms such as the GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft) and streaming services becoming the primary channels for accessing global music content. These platforms offer an abundance of music, and their algorithms generate personalized recommendations to guide users through the vast array of choices. However, the use of algorithms has sparked debates regarding their impact on diversity and homogeneity. While algorithms are powerful tools that continuously evolve and uncover hidden trends, they also raise concerns about potential bias and limiting exposure to diverse music.

The Role of Algorithms:

Algorithms play a dual role in the music industry. On one hand, they effectively assist users in discovering new content aligned with their interests by considering viewing history and preferences. This enables personalized recommendations and enhances the user experience. On the other hand, algorithms have the potential to reinforce existing biases by presenting content solely based on user preferences, thus limiting exposure to diverse music and inadvertently facilitating the work of influential gatekeepers.

The Concept of Discoverability:

In recent years, the concept of discoverability has gained significance as traditional marketing and promotion methods have proven ineffective in reaching wider audiences. Discoverability refers to the process by which artists are found and recognized by their intended audience. It offers a powerful tool for artists to promote and distribute their music. Digital platforms, including social networks, streaming services, and online music platforms, provide artists with opportunities to increase visibility and enhance their chances of being discovered. Additionally, leveraging traditional media such as radio and television can further amplify an artist’s visibility and reputation.


The Impact on Music Creation:

Discoverability not only aids in promoting artists but also plays a vital role in music creation. It serves as a catalyst for inspiration, idea-sharing, and fostering connections among musicians. By facilitating collaborations, discoverability enables artists to improve their skills, grow creatively, and expand their networks. Moreover, collaborative projects and participation in festivals offer artists the chance to perform before larger audiences, thus enhancing their visibility and opening doors to new opportunities. Ultimately, discoverability empowers artists to broaden their fanbase and gain popularity through a harmonious blend of digital and traditional methods.


Atypical showcases

This year's REMA showcases will take place on 19 & 20 October at the REMA MUSIC HALL; more info to come...